Healing Alchemy Organic Pregnancy Belly Balm


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About "Healing Alchemy Organic Pregnancy Belly Balm"...

Healing Alchemy Pregnancy Belly Balm is a velvety soft mixture of oils & butters known for their skin nourishing, hydrating, and healing properties. Every natural ingredient is chosen for it's own unique ability to moisturize the skin by penetrating, and hydrating on a deep and extensive level to allow for the elasticity of your growing belly. Eliminates the tight and itchy feeling that also accompanies a growing, pregnant belly. The smooth consistency and the comforting smell will make this a self-loving ritual that you will truly enjoy throughout your pregnancy.

Stretch marks and sagging skin can happen when the skin is not properly hydrated both internally and externally. Highly moisturized and well hydrated skin with a nutrient full balm can more easily expand to accommodate your growing belly without producing stretch marks. The skin will also retain it's maximum elasticity to not only spread during pregnancy but to also recede and shrink back down after birth. For best results, the skin must also be hydrated from the inside with adequate amounts of water and oxygen. Please be sure to drink lots of water throughout your pregnancy, as well as eating your water and oxygen via fruits and leafy greens.

All of our body products are made with completely natural, unrefined, chemical -free, and almost 100% organic ingredients, small batch produced by hand to ensure the freshest and most effective formulations. No fillers, preservatives, or extra ingredients beyond each purposefully chosen component for their miraculous nourishing and healing benefits. Our balms are slow heated to preserve all of their natural properties while ensuring the consistency is perfect for enveloping the skin in a lasting, nourishing experience.

A beautiful ritual for expectant mothers to nourish their core and foundation from the outside in.

Stimulating cell regeneration
Recovering elasticity

All natural ingredients include:
Skin healing essential oils of lavender and frankincense
Nourishing oils and butters of pure, unrefined and organic cocoa butter*, pumpkin seed*, avocado*, shea butter*, and coconut*
Pure, natural beeswax*

*certified organic

A proprietary blend of all natural ingredients to envelope the expectant mother's core in a soothing and hydrating experience.

Comes in a 8oz. PET, 100% BPA-free jar.
To use: Rub a thin layer all over your belly daily after a bath or shower, or whenever your belly feels it needs the attention and care. A little goes a long way!


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