Postpartum Firming & Tightening Belly Balm


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About "Postpartum Firming & Tightening Belly Balm"...

Healing Alchemy Firming & Tightening Belly Balm is a highly effective mixture of herbs and oils known for their skin healing, tightening, rejuvenating, and closing properties - locking in moisture to repair the skin, on more than just the surface level, while allowing the largest eliminative organ on your body to still breathe and detoxify. Lasting hydration, deep healing, bioavailability, and detoxification are all key components to this incredible compound.

Every natural ingredient is carefully chosen for its own unique ability to revive and rejuvenate the skin by penetrating, warming, and tightening on a deep and extensive level. Closing and warming herbs, spices and essential oils have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic, Asian, and American Indian cultures for their ability to bring in and re-seal the areas of the woman's body left open and vulnerable postpartum. These herbs and spices allow the body to heal internally while the oils stimulate new cell regeneration, encourage healing of damaged areas from stretching, and awaken the collagen and elasticity needed to firm and tighten the skin. Every ingredient plays its own integral part in the specially formulated mixture to rebuild, repair, and close the incredible part of your body that grew and protected your precious child.

** INCLUDES a 100% cotton flannel band to place over your moisturized belly and under your bengkung belly band or shirt. This formulation will not stain your skin or your clothing.

Stimulating cell regeneration
Recovering elasticity
Improving blood circulation
Release retained water

A proprietary blend of all natural ingredients include:
Firming essential oils of geranium* and frankincense*
Nourishing oils of pumpkin seed*, avocado*, shea*, and coconut*
Warming and closing herbs and roots of ginger*, nutmeg*, cinnamon*, and clove*
Pure, natural beeswax*
*certified organic

Comes in a 4oz. glass jar.
To use: Rub a thin layer all over your postpartum belly prior to binding, after a bath or shower, or whenever your belly feels it needs the attention and care.