Solstice Bengkung Belly Bind


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* Colors may vary slightly from the picture due to the nature of tie dying.
* Because this item is hand made, it will ship 1 - 2 days from order date.

About "Solstice Bengkung Belly Bind"...

This proprietary and exclusive, hand blended color, of Art of Natural Wellness, Solstice is a lovely blend of sunny yellow with shades of pink moving through orange, mauve and finally to brown. Happy, and comforting colors that can vary slightly in the depth of color due to the nature of hand-mixed natural dyes and natural cotton. This the color variation happens naturally, unlike machine dyed fabric / thread. This is the beauty of hand dyed pieces - they each are rich with unique character in their color flow.


  • Made from 100% unbleached cotton muslin and hand dyed.
  • Hand-dyed with non-toxic, 100% vegan dyes.
  • Approximately 17 yards long (easily cut to appropriate size in order to accommodate your changing postpartum body).
  • Approximately 9 inches wide.

Should you choose to upgrade to the set, it includes:
  • 4 oz. jar of Healing Alchemy Organic Firming & Tightening Belly Balm. No mixing with a carrier, no mess, and no ingredients to stain your bind or clothing - ready to use. Learn more about our balm here.
  • Sewn cotton under cloth. Some women like to use the under cloth in between the balm and the bind to keep their bind from getting oil on it. You certainly don't need to use it but you have it just in case!

Sizing Chart

  • 17 yard binds (standard size) - US women's waist up to sizes 16 - 18. No maximum height.