I've always been deeply passionate about Birth & the Healing Arts. After having graduated with my BA in the Arts, I went down a path of exploring different art forms that mixed my love for the visual arts with my passion for health and healing. Throughout the years, I acquired many different certifications including Yinyasa, Prenatal, Postnatal, and child yoga, which I taught for years at 2 different studios. It was around this time I started my family... and after having a traumatic first birth experience in the hospital, I vowed to help other mamas avoid such a challenging start to motherhood. I then began my training as Birth Doula. As my family grew, I wanted to further share my experience in Mothering so I gained my postpartum doula certification as well. I worked for years as a birth and postpartum doula both in the home birth and hospital setting. I also began attending home births with my beloved Midwife in a different capacity, as a Midwife Birth Assistant. While the job was vast and varied in my roles, from assessing the placenta and cord, to cleaning up after the birth... I loved it all. It was at this time that I started, and halfway completed, my schooling in Midwifery, but had to put that on hold because of my growing family. It just wasn't the right time. 

Being vegan, I wanted to learn more about nutrition and holistic health for myself, my family, and to teach others, so I gained numerous certifications in the fields of nutrition, herbalism, chakra balancing, massage, and Reiki. I opened up a local practice where I was honored to help many people heal and thrive physically. From being a personal vegan cook in my clients homes, to table work with Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki, I enjoyed every moment of it... and still do!

My passion for the healing arts didn't stop there as I became very interested in the mechanics of pain, both physically and mentally. From my clients in my Holistic Health practice to my doula clients, I wanted to know why and how pain happened. I followed my curiosity to the study of Hypnotherapy. Along with my husband, we trained at night school (while our children slept), one-on-one, with one of the most prominent and well-known Hypnotherapists in the world. We both still work as Hypnotherapist... my specialty is in physical and emotional pain management. 

Through all of this, I have had 5 beautiful children, and am working on my 6th as we speak! Through having my children, I found it harder and harder to attend births and commit to teaching my normal morning yoga classes for adults, and afternoon classes for kids. After parting ways with my doula and yoga teaching, I wanted to find a way to be of assistance to pregnant women, mamas, babies and children... and Art of Natural Wellness started. After benefiting from the incredible practice/ritual of Bengkung Binding through my pregnancies and postpartum periods, as well as helping other mamas through my doula practice bind as well, I wanted to share the practice while also being able to bring my artistic vision to this ancient practice. I felt that I was able to incorporate many of my passions and training in one place, through selling the highest quality binds, natural body products, and teaching through YouTube. 

While I am able to incorporate my passion for visual arts into my binds, I wanted other ways to impact peoples' lives with my different mediums. I began writing and illustrating numerous children's books and these caught the attention of a publisher. Having been published before for my work in adult poetry and prose in numerous books and publications, my dream was to write and illustrate children's books. I'm so excited that the first of my series of children's books will be published in the summer of 2019! 

I'm honored and grateful for the opportunity to share my passions for art and holistic wellness through Art of Natural Wellness, and to be of assistance to you. As my family continues to grow, it's such an incredible experience to serve other mamas as their families grow and thrive as well! Thank you for this opportunity.