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  • Are your fabric dyes vegan friendly?
    Absolutely. The dye used for our Bengkung belly binds is 100% vegan friendly and uses no animal by products and does not use any type of animal testing! Further more, we do offer natural plant based dyes for select colors such as 'Honey' & 'Indigo'.
  • Do you offer bulk pricing?
    We do! And more information can be found on our wholesale page. If you wish to jump right in, simply fill out the bulk pricing application and we will contact you with additional instructions!
  • Where is my order / how do I track my package?
    To track your order from Art Of Natural Wellness, you can do a couple of things. You can login / register an account using the same email you provided when you placed your order and then, once signed in, you can view your past orders, select the order you are trying to track and follow the links to track the status of your package. Or you can check your emails sent from Art Of Natural Wellness to look for our automated emails that share tracking details (once the item has shipped). If you have ordered through Etsy, please browse your emails as Etsy has automated emails that send your tracking details.
  • How can I contact Art Of Natural Wellness?
    To contact us, please visit our contact page to directly message us. You can do so by clicking here.
  • What are your 'Zero Waste' Bengkung Binds?
    At Art Of Natural Wellness, we strive every day to stay true to our mission to be a 'zero waste', minimal footprint, Earth friendly company, we have purchased a special machine to securely piece together 17 yard binds from repurposed cotton muslin with only 1 or 2 seams per Bengkung bind. This ultimately makes the binds just as strong, if not stronger at the seam, than the original weave. Each bind is quality inspected and if it doesn't meet our high standards.
  • What are the fees associated shipping out of country?
    With most international orders, there will be a 'customs fee' that can vary from country to country. With that said, Art Of Natural Wellness is not responsible for customs and additional postal charges incurred for international shipping. Unfortunately each country has its own specific charge that is not part of the shipping cost. We do apologize for this inconvenience.
  • How do I use my Bengkung belly bind?
    Bengkung Binding takes a little practice and patience, but is well worth the time. Part of the beauty of this process is taking the time for yourself to love and heal your body - giving yourself the much needed attention during this incredible postpartum time. Please refer to our binding video for a full tutorial on how to bind properly. Watch it here: How To Bengkung Bind Video
  • Do you take returns?
    Due to the intimate nature of our products, we cannot accept returns if the bind has been used or if it has been longer than 7 days past the order date. If you are not pleased with your purchase, please contact us as we do our very best to make sure our customers are happy! For more details on our return policy, please review our return policy page.
  • I just had a C-section. Is it safe to bind?
    Yes, it is safe to bind after a c-section, with the approval of your healthcare provider and after your incision has healed. Please refer to our video on binding after a c-section for more detailed information on the topic: Bengkung Binding After a C-Section
  • How do I use the postpartum belly balm?
    Rub a thin layer all over your postpartum belly prior to binding, after a bath or shower, or whenever your belly feels it needs the attention and care. We recommend at least once a day to optimize the results.
  • How do I wash my Bengkung belly bind?
    We recommend hand washing your bind in COLD water separately, especially with raw edge option. You certainly can machine wash your bind on cold separately but the machine tends to invite more knots and loose threads. Line dry by zig-zagging over a shower curtain, railing, or draped over a bannister. For a detailed look at Bengkung Belly Binding care, watch our video: How To Care For Your Bengkung Bind Video
  • What does the 'Postpartum Set' include?
    When upgrading to our postpartum set, your Bengkung Bind will also come with a Healing Alchemy Firming & Tightening Postpartum Belly Balm. A highly effective mixture of herbs and oils known for their skin healing, tightening, rejuvenating, and closing properties - locking in moisture to repair the skin, on more than just the surface level, while allowing the largest eliminative organ on your body to still breathe and detoxify. Along with the balm, we will also include a 100% cotton flannel band to place over your moisturized belly and under your bengkung belly band or shirt. The balm formulation *should not* stain your skin or your clothing, however, oil in general tends to leave marks on fabric so I recommend the use of the included machine washable flannel band to keep your bind or shirt clean. The flannel band has a serged hem to stop any fraying with continuous washing and drying.
  • What is the difference between 'frayed' & 'serged' edges?
    The raw edges are just plain, raw edges, with a nice, stable fray. 'Raw' edge and 'frayed' edge are the same - stable from unraveling and not stitched. It holds up well but you will get a few stray threads that you'll need to cut or pull, especially when you wash it. The serged is stitched on the sides to keep from fraying. If you plan on washing it often, the serged edge may be the best bet for you. They both look very pretty in their own right. If dealing with the occasional the loose threads and the look of a frayed edge doesn't bother you, then raw edges work great! If you want a cleaner look without dealing with loose threads, then serged edges are lovely! Please refer to this video for more detailed information on the difference: Raw Vs. Serged Edges Video
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